Witcha Broke *

***This book contains some adult language. 

 Jackie Spencer, a 30-year-old late bloomer, dreams of being a writer. Drowning in the shadow of her sisters' success and their mother's overbearing judgement, she struggles to find her way. A constant disappointment to her mother, the last thing Jackie ever wanted to do was move back home. 

 Witcha Broke *, a Black Southern drama, (Book 1 of 3) takes a brutally honest look at the harsh reality many adult children face when life doesn't go as planned. 

 What do you do when your mother's broken? What do you do when she's given up on you? How long do you wait for her to love you? How do you summon the courage to rely on faith and perseverance to achieve your breakthrough? Gripping and compelling, Witcha Broke * (Book 1 of 3) will inspire you to never give up hope.

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Review from one of our supporters (LadyT58):

"A Riveting, Awesome Read

I was ready to download Honey in My Tea by this author when I read the blurb for Witcha Broke Ass. Since the title and synopsis intrigued me more, I read Witcha Broke Ass first. Boy am I glad I did! Jackie's journey toward higher self esteem and recognition as an author is riveting, heart-wrenching, infuriating, and ultimately satisfying. Ms. Allen did a wonderful job of showing the effect of toxic relationships within a family. Without giving the plot away, there are a lot of characters you want to "slap the hell" out of. Although the ending was acceptable- i.e. not a cliffhanger- I do hope there is a book 2 and book 3 to continue Jackie's literary & emotional fulfillment journey.

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