Who Told You No?

Who told you no?  Who told you that you’ll never make it or that it’s time you stop trying?  Where did you get the crazy idea that where you are right now is where you have to stay?  Just what are these people’s credentials or qualifications anyway?  What great contributions have they made to life?  Are they striving for excellence?  Are they being faithful to the dreams God has given them?  What gives them the right to assault your dream?

No one is qualified to tell you that you can’t strive to make your dreams come true.  No one has the authority to tell you who you can’t be.  Never allow anyone to extinguish your hopes and dreams.  Hopes and dreams are the fortifying vitamins of life.

Maybe it has been stressed to you over and over again that it’s impossible to start that kind of business or pursue that dream and really make a living.  Well, even if one path seems daunting or impossible to you, there’s always another set of steps to arrive at your destination.  Trust God to light your path.  Listen for His instructions. Don’t you dare take advice from anyone who has no vision and refuses to see past now.

Ready to hear some encouraging news?  There’s no deadline to your dream, at least not one that can be imposed by the people in your life.  The young and old can dream.  God has the final say.  How dedicated are you to making your dream or calling a reality?  You owe it to yourself to dream big, to reach high, and to step out in faith.  Let’s walk in the victory God has planned for us.  Let’s put our everything into the pursuit of our dreams.

What are you waiting on?  Start today.  Start right now.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel that you have enough to get going.  Your dream is enough.  Just a scintilla of hope is all that’s required.  And I know you have at least that much.  It doesn't even matter if you're unsure or afraid of what people may say or think.  Be more afraid of what will happen if you don't try.  “Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets.” (Habakkuk 2:2)  Focus your heart, mind, hopes and actions on your dream.  I believe in you because I believe in who made you.  I’d really love to see it happen for you.  I’d love to see another check in the win column for God’s children.

Blessings and love,

Leya Allen

(Excerpt from my book The Blessed Woman Endeavor)

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