What do you do around here?  

(Inspired by Seth Godin’s Blog) 

I go the extra mile 

I do what it takes to put family first 

I love the hard-to-love 

I mend and make do

I encourage the pursuit of dreams 

I support creative endeavors 

I congratulate and celebrate 

I tell the truth, mostly in love 

I keep the peace 

I make others smile 

I seek out joy and laughter 

I bring focus, direction, and perspective 

I balance kindness and firmness 

I listen

I challenge everyone to take the optimistic approach 

I keep myself together when everything around me wants to fall apart 

I remain loyal 

I stay solid 

I recall victories out loud 

I choose to remember the sweet moments 

I see the best in others 

I speak to the best in you 

Through words, I pour out my heart on paper 

I keep going

I refuse to give up

I bless and I speak blessings 

Today though: 

I turn my love inside out and focus on myself 

I drown out all the noise demanding my attention 

I rejuvenate for the next season of battle 

I shelter the storm, allowing the hazy gray to calm me 

I write the vision 

On purpose, I breathe in and out 

I give thanks 

I offer praise 

I look to the hills


Blessings and love,

Leya Allen 

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