The Blessed Woman Endeavor

Everyday life presents many challenges for women. We are not alone though. Masterfully created, women were born to be a blessing, to be productive, and to walk with God. Yet, distractions, dangerous perceptions, and unhealthy relationships threaten to derail our ability to fully experience joyful living. No matter who you are, what you’re facing or what disappointments lie in your past, God loves you and wants to be present in your life. His awesome love will guide us, strengthen us, and transform our hearts and enrich every area of our lives. The Lord truly knows what we endure. The responsibilities of womanhood, marriage, motherhood and careers can be a tremendous deal to balance. Trying to honor biblical virtues, while combating today’s worldly standards, requires wisdom and strength from the Lord. The author shares interesting insights, food-for-thought, and stories entitled: • How I Ruined My Husband’s Life • Cheering the Soul • Destroying the Fairytale • Serenity and Success Team • Ladies Love Yourselves • I Am Enough The Blessed Woman Endeavor was written for every beautiful Christian woman striving to live for the Lord. The book explores our strengths, our victories, and how we can run a race that’s pleasing to the Lord. When we make time with the Lord a priority, His grace is sufficient enough to conquer any trials we face, while maintaining a positive, hopeful spirit.

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