Letting Go of Random Things

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Are you holding on to things that no longer serve any purpose? No, I'm not talking about people or relationships or anything serious. We'll save that conversation for another day. I'm talking about socks, extra condiment packets. Random things. 

I realized just how much I allow little things like socks to clutter my life.  Here's the thing: I bought these ankle socks. Super cute. I love the vibrant colors. I even love the soft fabric, but every time I wear them, they slide down into my shoes- no matter what shoes I'm wearing. Every. Single. Time. 

I end up spending all this time removing my shoes to adjust the socks. I end up walking through the parking lot with bunched up socks under my feet. Very uncomfortable. Annoying, but hey, I did it to myself, right?

Well, yesterday, after removing these purple and black socks (my two favorite colors), once again from the freshly washed laundry, I asked myself out loud, "Why are you keeping these socks?"

Besides how cute they look, they are serving no purpose in my life. And as far as benefits, they're only keeping half of my feet covered. Up to now,  I think what's holding me back from letting them go is the amount of money I spent on them. And it's not even like they were expensive because they weren't. But, I was raised to not be wasteful. I was raised to hold on to things just in case I needed it later. When I made decisions to toss things I no longer needed or wanted, my mom always went behind me to figure out what I was throwing away. If she deemed the item a keeper, it was kept.

When I was little, I was super finicky. Once, I remember being reprimanded so badly about throwing out food, I was so afraid to throw away a piece of chewed gum. When my mom found it in the fridge, she questioned me. When she realized how she had scared the heck out of me, she felt crummy. 

Here's the thing, even though I was taught to hold on to things, use every drop of ketchup in the bottle, and write on both sides of the paper, I can learn new ways of moving through life. Just because it's what I've always done doesn't mean I have to continue doing it forever. 

I still believe in being a good steward of my resources and I don't like to be wasteful. But, if an item doesn't serve any true purpose and has no benefit, it's okay to let it go. If it's in good condition, it's okay to give it away or donate it to a thrift store. Let someone else love your item for awhile.  Let it go. Simplify your life. Clear your mind by de-cluttering your space. Even if they act like you've committed a crime against humanity, no one will die if you throw things away. I promise. And you don't need anyone's permission to do so.

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Blessings and love,

Leya Allen

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