Knock-Out Rose

* This book has some adult language. 

 Girls get hurt by pretty boys every day. But, when it all falls apart, do you put the broken pieces back together or create a whole new life? After having one of the worse Mondays of her life, Lola Rose wakes up to a nightmare. Does she have what it takes to push through the pain? Does she have enough faith to see the light at the end of the tunnel? After being sucked into her husband's dreams, can Lola fight and find her way back to the life meant for her? Will she find the kind of love that feels like home? Can she trust her instincts again? Tondeleya Allen, author of "Honey in My Tea," delivers another story of trial and triumph. Knock-Out Rose is a story of love and restoration, strength and faith. With a strong spiritual foundation and her family by her side, Lola has to prove to the world and herself that she's strong enough to live and love beyond the pain.

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