We can't control how others see things. We have no say in how other people experience a moment- or for how long. And although we may have influence, we have no control over whether someone chooses to look up to the sky or down to the ground, focus on the future or what lies behind, remember their pain and loss or reach for the blessings and opportunities.

Who can be forced to see the beauty in life? Who can be forced to think glass half-full or running over instead of glass half-empty? Who can be forced to abandon the familiar heartache and disappointment that feels so much like home? Who can be forced to hope when pain feels like kin? Who can be forced to step out toward the horizon? Who can be forced to thrive?

No one. Faith can't be forced. It can only be shared. Each person has to experience faith for themselves. One must make a decision to open their heart to faith. It's an individual choice. Faith is like your favorite song playing on the radio or a ray of sun that hits only you in a very specific way, beckoning you to lean closer. Each person either makes a decision to walk by faith or to go the other way, even if temporarily. And although we may not like it, we have to respect it, or at least accept it.

Blessings and love,

Leya Allen

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