One of the challenges of relationships- any kind, is navigating misunderstandings, as well as times when we just don't agree. My Dad often says, "you're friends, not twins." 

Depending on our nature, there are a few ways to deal with these uncomfortable moments. We can peacefully agree to disagree. We can fight it out, shout it out until the other person folds in despair.  We may refuse to engage, digging our feet in deeper, fearing the loss of any ground. We may try to express our side of things, hoping to bridge the gap. We may listen with our whole heart yearning to make peace.  We may even back down just to create peace.

I have come to realize, too, that disagreements are more uncomfortable for some than others. I don't know how, but some people seem to thrive off discord, mixing it up, running headlong into the fire. Some people seem happiest when they're in the thick of drama. Some only relent once they have you pinned down on the ground. While others wince at any experience that doesn't feel like peace.  

Disagreements are part of the human experience and cannot be completely avoided, whether it's simply your two-year old pitching a hissy fit for a third cookie or a year-old buried argument between you and your spouse rearing its ugly head. Either way, maintaining dignity for everyone involved and keeping things from getting too ugly should always be the goal.

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