Best 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Best 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts 

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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Instead, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day (February 14th) or Love Day with fourteen gifts that will definitely bring a smile to her face. We’ll start with the most obvious and move to some more unique gifts. And each item has plenty of glowing five-star reviews. 

 2 Dozen Red Roses with Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)  (On Amazon) 


I’m sure there are ladies out there who don’t like flowers, but I’m not one of them. Roses are a win in my book. I love roses so much that I often surprised women coworkers with roses on their birthdays. You cannot believe the amazing response. My coworkers felt so special and I’d like to think it’s an experience they’ll never forget. I also give floral bouquets to my daughters. They shouldn’t have to wait for a guy to make this sweet gesture. One year, I even gave my husband a dozen red roses. When he posted a photo of them on Facebook, one of his buddies joked, “So, you’re a lady now.”  Anyway! Honey, flowers are for everyone, not just ladies. These roses definitely give off gift-vibes, but you can also treat yourself.  These fresh roses from Benchmark Bouquets Store are shipped in bud form, so they’ll last longer. You can even send a personalized note along with these beauties. 

Costa Farms Mini Succulents Collection (Live Plants)  (on Amazon) 

If roses are not your thing, but you love live plants, this collection of 11 succulents is a gift that will keep giving. With so many, you can liven up any space in your home or office. Your bathroom counter, desk, tabletops, windowsills, shelves, and bedside tables are just waiting for one of these adorable plants. Also, don’t forget the added benefit of improved air-quality these  plants deliver.  

 Valentine’s Day Rose Teddy Bear (on Amazon)