10 Best Purple Gifts for the Purple Lover in Your Life
10 Best Purple Gifts for the Purple Lover in Your Life

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It is no secret how much I love purple. (I even love the movie “The Color Purple.”) It’s my favorite color, next to black. Amethyst is my birthstone. My favorite robe is purple. Everyone who knows me knows that a purple gift will always make me smile. Purple is royal and luxurious. Purple inspires. While I love pretty much every shade of purple, nothing sends my heart soaring more than straight, “I know all my colors” purple. This list is for anyone who can’t live without purple.

100% Purple Addict 12-Month Calendar (On Queen of the Minivan)

I loved creating this product. It came together beautifully and everyone who buys it, loves it. With funny purple quotes, it’s super-cute and fun. The great thing about this calendar is it can be personalized to start in any month or year. Just send me a message.

Purple Black Girl 2023 Calendar (On Queen of the Minivan)

Here’s another winner. My customers love this one too. The artwork is stunning. Who doesn’t love pretty Black girl art? This is a great gift for teenage daughters.

Caution: Woman with a Mind of Her Own Spiral Journal (On Queen of the Minivan)

Look at that gradient neon purple! Now, this one is special because it’s personalized with your name. And I just love the inspirational self-empowering quote.

Lovability Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel (On Lovability)