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My Mission:

To INSPIRE you to believe so strongly in your Creator, yourself, your idea or dream, that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

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  • Witcha Broke *

    Witcha Broke *

    ***This book contains some adult language.   Jackie Spencer, a 30-year-old late bloomer, dreams of being a writer. Drowning in the shadow of her sisters' success and their mother's overbearing judgement, she struggles to find her way.
  • You Inspire Me

    You Inspire Me

    Inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting, "You Inspire Me" is a devotional straight from Tondeleya Allen's heart. An optimistic attitude and positive words are liquid gold that can benefit each of us every day. Readers will find tools to triumph
  • Knock-Out Rose

    Knock-Out Rose

    * This book has some adult language.   Girls get hurt by pretty boys every day. But, when it all falls apart, do you put the broken pieces back together or create a whole new life? After having one of the worse Mondays of her